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How to Prepare for a Beach Photoshoot.

If you want to do a photoshoot at the beach, then you’ll need to know how to prepare. These simple tips can help you make the best out of your shoot.

1. What location will you be shooting at?

The number one thing you should figure out is the location. Where will you be shooting? Most beaches tend to be public and will be crowded so it is good practice to map out where you will be so you can distance yourself from the crowds.

2. What to wear for your beach photo session.

Step away from the traditional to bring a different spin on your look. You can start with the items that are listed below.

i. Swimwear (Bikini/Swim Trunks)

ii. Pants & T-shirt/Button up

iii. Shorts & Shirt

iv. Dress

3. What to bring for your beach photo session.

Besides just bringing the outfits that you've decided on it helps to bring a few extra items that you may not remember.

i. Towel – You may get wet or just need a place to sit. Bringing a towel will help you with typical beach problems.

ii. Shoes – There’s so much sand at the beach and it gets everywhere if you do not have the proper beach footwear you could end up with an irritating mess later.

4. Bring Props to your beach photo session

Bring some items that will help bring your photoshoots’ vibe to life.

i. Umbrellas

ii. Beachballs

iii. Hats

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